Social Sciences Research Projects: Teaching Students How to Use Information Ethically and Authoritatively

Resource Title:  Social Sciences Research Projects: Teaching Students How to Use Information Ethically and Authoritatively

Brief Description of Resource:  This project arose from discussions with Social Science and English faculty teaching research writing in which both expressed frustration with students’ research papers and presentations. We decided to focus this project on teaching students how to evaluate, use and reflect on the information they found. We will share our results and materials with Social Sciences faculty this fall.
Documents include: an initial hand-out for faculty on using an annotated bibliography to teach and assess student research and critical thinking; a handout for students on citing and using information to establish the authority of their sources and their own authority; an annotated bibliography practice worksheet; two handouts on writing an evaluative annotation, along with sample evaluative annotations, one in MLA and one in APA – and with different teacher expectations; and finally, a sample rubric for assessing an annotated bibliography. We would add other categories for oral presentations – such as orally citing sources & captioning images.

College:  Green River Community College

Resource Type:  Lesson Plan

Intended Audience:  Faculty

Potential Other Audiences:  General Students, Transfer Students

Creator Contact Name + Email:  Jody Segal – jsegal(at)

Links to Resources:  

Resource Tags:  Assessing Info Lit

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  Please attribute this work to the librarian / faculty instructor or library listed above.

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