Library Assignment for Reading 96 – Choosing Quality Sources

Resource Title:  Assignment for Reading 96 – Choosing Quality Sources about Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Brief Description of Resource: This assignment was an early attempt to measure students’ ability to identify quality sources. Student performance was measured using the Developmental Reading Rubric, developed by the librarian.
Some students were frustrated by the fact that there wasn’t a “right” answer. The assignment was not explicit enough about using the aspects of quality discussed in class to explain the choice of sources. Those aspects were: Authority, Accuracy, Currency, Relevance and Objectivity. As a result of what we learned from this assignment, it was revised the following quarter.

College:  South Puget Sound Community College

Resource Type:  Assignment

Intended Audience:  Pre-College Students

Potential Other Audiences:  Workforce / Professional Technical Students, ESL Students, International Students

Creator Contact Name + Email:  Margaret Thomas – mthomas(at)

Link to Resource:  Reading 96 Choosing Sources [.DOCX file]

See Also:  Library Assignment for Reading 96 – Annotating Sources

Resource Tags:  Developmental Reading

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  Please attribute this work to the librarian / faculty instructor or library listed above.

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