This site collects and organizes information literacy resources, strategies, and tools generated by and for the Washington state Community and Technical Colleges. All items have been designed to develop, promote, or support information literacy for community college students.

Explore. Browse the variety of instructional resources for information literacy. Most resources are available for use or adaptation though a Creative Commons license.

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Library as Instructional Leader, a LSTA-funded project for Washington State Community and Technical Colleges from 2008-2012, included multiple activities, such as research on pre-college information literacy, information literacy for “rising juniors,” (transfer students), a copyright tutorial, instructional videos, and more. Many of these activities generated learning objects, strategies and other resources that may be used or adapted for other colleges or audiences. The wiki for the entire project contains more detailed information about all of the grant activities.

HIGHLIGHTS is intended to provide multiple access points to selected resources so that these resources can continue to serve our colleges and the larger academic library community. To that end, we ask participating libraries to review the products of their LSTA work and submit the most useful resources for inclusion in this site.